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Gibberish Generator

Looking gibberish. Boring Lorem. Not.

Generate some gibberish for your new page designs

Tired of using the same old boring Loerm Ipsum filler text for your site designs?

Well now you can use gibberish that doesn't look like gibberish unless you actually read it!

Use the form below to generate authentic-looking gibberish for your web site designs. Just paste any REAL text you want to transform into complete nonsense that doesn't look like nonsense into the first box. Then click the Generate Gibberish button and, Presto!, your text will amazingly be converted into total gibberish and displayed in the second box.

Just copy and paste the results into your webpage design and you're done.

Gibberish Generator

Input: (paste any text or select a sample text from below)


Output: (click the "Generate Gibberish" button)

Gibberish Level: 1 2 3 4 5 6    

Level 1 is based on the statistical distribution of single characters. Level 2 is based on the statistical distribution of character pairs. Level n is based on the statistical distribution of groups of n characters.

Hints: This works best if the input is a paragraph of ordinary words with no line breaks, no tabs, and no extra spaces. Single punctuation marks (periods, commas, etc.) work well, but paired punctuation marks (quotes, parentheses, etc.) do not work well.


JavaScript file Download the JavaScript source code

Want this fantastic tool for your own web site users? Just use your mouse, right-click on this link, and select "Save Link As..." to save the JavaScript source code to your computer.